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Easy To Use







  • It is safe to use, prevent injuries, and improve your mood.
  • Amazing progressive sequence.
  • The videos are crystal clear. They teach you the right posture, the reason behind every movement,
  • The system works with your body, but also addresses emotional and mental distress.
  • This program is a jewel! Also, the author is an amazing woman. She knows what she’s talking about!


  • Only online access, ou can only access the program if you have an internet connection.
  • You have to be patient: Results start to show first in your strength, posture, and mood.

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Yoga has been around for centuries, and many people take a look at it as a type of workout that’s mild and utilized for tension relief. The reality is that yoga is highly efficient for constructing strength, toning your body, and weight reduction. A few of the most visually pleasing bodies come from yoga professionals who can carry out presents to make a bodybuilder groan and shiver.

Over the past couple of years, among the top-selling yoga programs online that have offered countless copies was produced for ladies by a lady. Usually, a lot of yoga classes are provided for both ladies and guys. They overlook to deal with particular physical difficulties the various genders deal with.

When losing weight, Yoga Burn mainly made for females to help them ton their bodies by resolving the typical problems ladies deal with. It targets persistent locations like the butts and thighs. With countless sales and many pleased consumers, it’s safe to state that Yoga Burn is a tested item.

Yoga Burn is a 12-week program consisted of 3 stages. Each stage has three videos with an overall of 9 videos. Each video has to do with 15 minutes long. You’ll play the video in a loop three times to develop a 45-minute session. Simply enough time for the exercise to be reliable and yield outcomes without being excessively difficult. By the time the 12 weeks are up, you’ll be far more capable at yoga, and your body will be more powerful and more toned.


Let’s have a look at what it consisted of with Yoga Burn:

  1. Stage 1 Video Workouts
  2. Stage 2 Video Workouts
  3. Stage 3 Video Workouts
  4. Harmony Flow Bonus Video Workout
  5. Tips and Tools Video
  6. Novice Flow Video Workout
  7. Posture Tutorial Video
  8. Calendar and Instructions
  9. Access to the VIP Facebook Group
  10. Audio Files
  11. With Yoga Burn


You likewise get some bonuses which are:

  1. Harmony Flow Bonus Video Workout
  2. Tips and Tools Video
  3. Newbie Flow Video Workout
  4. Calendar and Instructions
  5. Access to the VIP Facebook Group

Who Is Zoe Bray-Cotton, The Author?


Zoey Bray-Cotton, a qualified yoga trainer and individual fitness instructor, has various techniques to help individuals drop weight. Through her considerable experience, she discovered that some individuals benefited a lot from yoga. Initially, she had a hard time comprehending what lagged that enhancement. As she kept working with them, she recognized it and developed this method.

Zoey, a dazzling lady, chose to experiment more with this technique. In her mind, yoga can not hurt. Even if the experiment stopped working, the individuals included would enjoy advantages. Anyhow, after a while of exploring and observation, she understood how yoga, together with particular food control, promoted weight reduction; this was more obvious with individuals whose weight gain was connected to their feelings.

In the end, Zoey did something that I had not seen in lots of other programs:

  • Put her system together.
  • Provide your completely discussed videos and regimens.
  • Teach you the technical elements of what you’re doing.
  • They are setting you up for self-reliance.


How the Yoga Burn Program Works


Knowing something by yourself isn’t simple. But, it isn’t something brand-new, and programs are made to make you prosper. With that in mind, this system is indicated to help you find out ASAP and get you to practice from the first day. The system is divided into various stages. Here, the development is vital, so you’ll constantly understand what to do.

Stage One: Foundational Flow A fantastic intro to yoga. Discover the “primary” presents you’ll be dealing with.

Stage Two: Transitional Flow Follow the regimens to get your body began. Practice this expression a lot before transferring to the next one.

Stage Three: Mastery Flow Increase the level of trouble. Integrate your previous understanding to change your body.

For me, it took a little bit longer to leap from stage 2 to 3. Given that this program is safe, I believe you can do that. My suggestion is that you go sluggish. Regardless, you’ll never get lost regarding what to do next. In this program, you’ll constantly understand what you’re doing and why.


The Good Points:


This video course is ‘simple to follow that appropriates for novices too. The 12-week strategy offers you the basics to establish a strong structure as you advance on to the more challenging postures.

The video guidelines are at a rate that’s sluggish enough for the newbies to follow along to, yet quick enough, so they’re not highly long. The majority of yoga classes/books/videos teach you the postures with nary an idea offered to your gender.

Yoga Burn, nevertheless, is a yoga course that ladies mainly produced. When attempting to shed the fat off their thighs and butts, Zoe Bray comprehends the different obstacles ladies deal with. Male typically do not deal with concerns in these locations.

Yoga Burn is created to speed up weight loss in these trouble spots by toning the muscles there with yoga positions. The structure of the course is its most important selling point.

You’ll begin in the Foundational Flow stage, where you find out the fundamentals of yoga. Correct breathing methods, security, how to perform the positions with good form, and so on will teach you throughout this stage.

In stage 2, the Transitional Flow stage, you’ll find out how to move from one present to another quickly. The objective is to be stylish and smooth. This stage is challenging. It’s the one where you will develop your lean strength and establish the abilities to carry out a yoga circulation like a dancer instead of a disjointed marionette.

By now, your body will be more muscular, and you’ll genuinely value how efficient yoga is. That’s what the Mastery Flow Phase is all about.

In these three stages, the program likewise consists of a Tranquility Flow series. You’ll be getting a couple of MP3 audios to listen to so that you can carry out the Yoga Burn program much better.

This item is a digital download, and you’ll have instantaneous access to it. You could be doing yoga within 10 minutes of payment. How interesting!

Cast your concerns aside if you’re fretted that you may not like the program. Yoga Burn includes a 60-day money-back warranty. Your financial investment is safe, and you can constantly request a refund if you’re not pleased.


The Bad Points:


The yoga program is fantastic for developing versatility, increasing strength, and lean muscle structure.

If you desire to see weight loss, you’ll require to clean up your diet plan and be at a calorie deficit. When these two foundations remain in location, Yoga Burn will melt your fat off in no time. You’ll require the discipline to be on a healthy diet plan.

This item is a digital download and is just offered online. You’ll require a charge card to acquire it and a computer system with a web connection to gain access to it.


Should You Get It?


You most certainly should.

If you’re a mom who wants to get toned and fit without applying yourself by raising weights or investing hours on the treadmill, Yoga Burn is your best choice to accomplishing your weight reduction and physical fitness objectives.

Even if you’re a newbie, this course will work for you since it begins with the principles and works its method up. The 12-week Yoga Burn program will take you from novice to intermediate in no time at all.

Naturally, if you wish to master yoga at its highest levels, you’ll require an expert trainer. If it’s physical fitness and weight loss that you desire, Yoga Burn will more than suffice. It will offer you that lithe and lean appearance that’s yet strong and womanly at the same time.


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