Mask Hacks: How To Save Your Skin and Makeup While Wearing A Mask

Mask Hacks. I will share with you my tips regarding beauty and wearing a mask as self-protection in the current pandemic situation and protect others as well.

I’ve got some excellent mask hacks in here; you will love it; let’s go!  


Mask Hacks Tip’s Number One: Going Makeup-Free If Possible


Wearing makeup under your mask increases the risk of clogged poles and pimples, which I’m prone to, and makeup residue gets on your mask. 

makeup-free So start with a simple cleanser, and just so that it’s more convenient in the mornings. I use my face halo to remove that, and it effectively removes everything from my pores, so I’m making sure that there’s going to be nothing left in my skin when I put my mask on. 

You can do this in the shower, but I don’t like to shower in the morning a shower at night unless I’m washing my hair, so I want to use my face Hailey to make sure there’s nothing left in my pores. 

And then, I’ll use an excellent gentle moisturizer; this one’s calming moisturizer is good because it can provide a barrier to reduce friction between your skin and the mask. It would be best if you tried to stick to something with ceramides, hyaluronic acid. You know you like to try to stay away from anything too active was the consensus on Dermatology websites. 

Of course, guys, SPF, do not forget it, okay. Otherwise, everyone would mad at you; I’ll be mad at you; dermatologists would mat at you; estheticians are mad at you; random people on Twitter will be mad at you. So put your SPF on; you’ve got to protect your skin, but of course, getting a mask tan would be terrible. 

I chose this one, it’s mattifying, and it has other skincare benefits, plus it blurs your pores. So it perfects for the look of your skin.


Tip Number Two: Protect and Treat Concerns 


For me, my main concern is breakouts—I break out like this at certain times of the month. 
This section (2:00) was filmed a few weeks ago when I was ovulating.

So I like to use hydrocolloid patches to protect the breakout, treat the breakout, soak up the excess sebum, stop them in their tracks,

and prevent them from getting irritated from being in that warm moist bacteria-filled environment in my mask. 


Tip Number Three: Try A Facial Tanner For A Semi-Permanent Glow

facial-tanner Instead of putting foundation on, you can even out the look of your skin and give it a little bit of a glow with some simple fake tanner;

this works for any skin tone.

It might make you go up a shade if you got light skin,

but even deep skin tones can benefit from the glow that you get from using a big tan, and it lasts a few days, so try it out!


Tip Number Four: Emphasize Your Eyes 


The main thing is not putting makeup on the right under your mask because of the bacteria and whatnot. So I feel excellent putting makeup on around the mask. 

emphasize-your-eyes So I like to even out the skin around my eyes. My forehead is a bit of a gap on the side there, and this one has suitable for your skin ingredients because it’s a baby cream crayon. 

I make sure the shade matches my facial skin perfectly so that if I take off my mask to eat something, I don’t look weird. 

You can go ahead with the eye makeup if you want, but I usually go with something light because I’m natural with everything else. So brow gel this one plump, add a tint, hold it, and then some nice eyeliner. I do something soft and then let it blend out and wing out a little bit at the end of mascara. Of course, a couple of layers. But yeah, not much else, and then when you go and put your mask on. Having a little bit of makeup on the eyes makes me feel so much more confident. 

A little random tip and this one is unexpected. (03:40) If you have hoops that don’t go all the way around at the back, you can use them as a mask holder. I know they sell like chains these days, but I’ve discovered this by accident one day, and I just thought I would share. This hoop is kind of handy if you need to take him out to go for a quick second. 


Tip Number Five: Use Long-Wearing Products and Layer Your Makeup


If you want to wear makeup or the occasion calls for it, use long-wearing products and layer your makeup. That means you want to use a primer, a long-wearing foundation, long-wearing concealer, look for benefits like creaseless, long-wearing 24-hour wear, you know, look for keywords like that when you’re looking for a product to wear under your mask. 

layer-your-makeup For example, this foundation that I’m using is self-refreshing, so throughout the day, it kind of checks itself before it wrecks itself, so this is a nice one that looks nice all day. 

Because you probably want to focus on your eyes, definitely use an eye primer. And what I do is I put a little bit up underneath my eyes for event creasing and to prevent the makeup from wearing off where the mask touches your nose and under your eye area. So blending that in and taking whatever is left on my finger and putting it around my mouth can wear off when you’re talking under a mask. 

The eyes will be the focus of the look, so do whatever you want for the eyes. I’m doing a smokey eye here, which of course, I recommend. But do whatever is the most flattering look for you because your eyes will be doing all the talking.

I’m also going to do a bit of bronzer. Again look for the keywords like long-wearing in the formula. 

Let’s dig out those long transfer-proof matte liquid lipsticks. These were everywhere, and it’s all everyone wore. They do not budge; they do not transfer; they crack off, which takes ages. These are fantastic for under a mask, and then you want to dust the powder all over everything to add an extra final layer to seal and set your makeup in place so it stays a little longer. 

I’m typing extra around my mouth, and I find it all of this to create, you know, that soft matte layer between the mask and my skin rather than having the tacky dewy finish that can transfer a lot more easily. 


Tip Number Six: Buy A Mask Bracket!


Oh my gosh. Now, this is my favorite of all of the hacks. There is something out there called mask brackets. 

mask-bracket So the whole face of a regular cloth mask rubs against your face, but a little bracket means that it holds the mask fabric out and away from my mouth area, as you can see (05:47).

So what I do is I take some powder, the same one that I’ve got on my face. I dust it all over the mask’s inside, then I bake like a bit of circle around where the bracket will sit. 

I leave it for a few minutes; make sure you’ve baked everywhere that the bracket touches. See that, and then dust away from the excess. Once it’s baked and the bracket has tabs, you can pop it into the mask plates. This bracket was the biggest game-changer for me when it came to wearing a mask and wearing makeup. 

Again, your makeup’s not going to stay perfect if you have a mask on top, even with a bracket, but this helps a lot of especially with lipstick, and it’s also a lot easier to talk and breathe in one. 


Tip Number Seven: Mist Your Mask With Toner

mist your mask
Toner typically has astringent properties, which means it certainly doesn’t hurt to mist the inside of your mask with your favorite toner throughout the day as needed. 

You can pick one that’s right for your skin concerns, whether it’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory calming, oil-absorbing, etc. At the moment, there’s no proper proof that this works or anything, but I read a few articles that dermatologist suggests that it can’t hurt and it might help, just a little bit extra in fighting mask me. 


Tip Number Eight: Wash Your Face As Soon As You Get Home!


Hopefully, this one is obvious, but you should wash your face as soon as you get home and remove your masks. 

I hate having to splash my face and wash my face and get all the water running down, so I just put cleanser straight on my face halo, and face halo also has technology that makes the fibers reach deep into your pores, unlike a regular washcloth. 

So I know I’m removing all the bacteria and the grime from my pores before it has a chance to wreak any more havoc on your skin. 


Tip Number Nine: Wear A Clean Mask Every Time


If you don’t use disposable masks, try to wear a clean mask every time, which means that you should be washing your mask everywhere. 

I have several cloth masks so that I can wear them throughout the week, and then at the end of the week, I pop them in with my regular washing. 

Make sure you use a laundry bag to get lost or caught on buttons and stuff like that. 

I also use a laundry sanitizer; this makes sure to kill all the germs on your mask. 

That’s all our tips, guys; I hope you’ve enjoyed all the mask hacks that I gave you in this video. Let me know if you have anything else to share in the comments, and I’ll see you next time; bye.


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