How to Looks 10 Years Younger – Fashion Hacks Reveal

Today, we’re going to share tips on how to looks 10 years younger!

We have a really exciting video planned for you guys. We’re gonna take some concepts that are not so great. We’re gonna put them through the time machine. We’re gonna recreate those looks, and help you look and dress ten years younger.

Because who wants to look older?
Nobody, unless you’re like 25, and you wanna look more professional.

Like I remember wanting to look younger when I was 25, but that’s about it. The rest of the time, you kind of wanna look younger. So today we’re going to focus on that. And one of the keys to looking as youthful as possible is to really dress the part.

Clothes can make a huge impact.

Clothes can like make you look slimmer, or they can make you look taller. They can make you look more sophisticated. They can make you look more expensive. They can make you look more successful. They can make you look younger. We guarantee it!

So you’ll see before and afters, and we’re gonna dive in, and tackle some of these tips to help you so that when you are putting outfits together, you can really think, “Does that look like frumpy, maybe a little?” A little tiny bit, or does it look modern, useful, and sophisticated?

I think you’ll see the difference. And I think this hopefully will be really helpful to you when you are getting dressed each and every morning.

(01:19) Tip number one 

This is one of the biggest offenders that I see across the board for women, especially over the age of 40. Pick your prints very carefully. (05:22)

Tip number two is huge when it comes to looking and dressing younger.
Ditch-dated jeans.

looks 10 years younger (07:32) Tip number three to help you looks 10 years younger is to be aware of boxy styles.

(11:04) Tip number four to help you dress and look ten years younger. It’s all in the details.

(13:47) Last but not least, tip number five, to help you look ten years younger, dress ten years younger, is to pick modern silhouettes.

Were these how-to looks 10 years younger tips helpful for you guys? Did you like to see the before and the after? Do you like the time machine?

Please let me know that in the comments.

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