How to Do Awesome Hairstyles When You Are In A Rush

Today I’m going to be showing you three different hairstyles when you are in a rush.

You can do these hairstyles when you’re in a hurry. We have been in that position when we miss our alarm, and we don’t know what to do with our hair. 


3 Easy Running Late Hairstyles When You Are In A Rush


So, I’m going to show you two hairstyles without extensions and one hairstyle using my Lexy Hair Extensions. 

These hairstyles are super quick, so it is perfect if you’re in a rush and you need something to do with your hair and look put-together. 

So, if you guys are interested in seeing three different hairstyles for when you’re in a rush, then keep on watching. 


First Hairstyle: Classic Ponytail


I think that a ponytail never goes out of style, so this is the perfect quick hairstyle to do when you’re in a rush. 

I like to do a couple of dry shampoo sprays so that my hair looks a little less greasy and has a little more volume in it. I just kind of play around with the placement and make sure I have enough volume at the top of my hair and pull out any pieces that I want to scream my face and add volume at the top of my ponytail. 

Once I’m happy with the placement, I tie an elastic-like you usually would, and then I’d like to tug it out lightly. So, it’s not too tight at the top of my head, and then I scrunched the ponytail to where I want for placement. 

Then to make this ponytail look a little bit sleeker, I take a piece from a ponytail and wrap it around the elastic rubber band so that you don’t see it, and I think this gives such a classic look to a ponytail; it finishes off and makes it look complete. 

Once you put it in place, play around with the placement, and you can put it higher or lower. I decided to put it slightly higher, so it had a little bit of a Brigitte Bardot feel to it. I think that this ponytail is a great way to make your hair look very classic and put together when you’re in a rush. 


Second Hairstyle: Fun and Cute Ponytail


What you want to do is take the top section of your hair and play around with placement. So, it’s not too tight. Then take a coat elastic. And you’re going to start to tie it as if you are doing a regular ponytail, but what you’re going to do is make a tiny hole right above the hair elastic. And you’re going to flip your hair through it; this does give a feminine-looking twist to your hair; if you have a lot of colors in your hair or blonde hair, this will show it off well. 

I like to pull up the pieces to make them look effortless and soft, but you can go ahead and leave it tighter if you wish. 

Once you’re happy with that part, you’re going to take the remaining pieces of your hair and create another ponytail underneath it. Still, on the last time you pull your hair through, you’re going to leave it into a half a little bun, and then you’re going to pull it down and do the same little twist through that you did on the top section, and create another little twisted knot. With the remaining pieces of your hair, tie it around the elastics, so it’s hidden. Pull up any parts around the twist to make it a little bit fuller and messier. 

I like to pull up pieces around my face for this look and frame it, and this look takes under 30 seconds, and it looks like it took way longer. It seems so intricate and superb, but it’s effortless to achieve, and trust me, guys, you are going to get a comment on how cool your hair looks wherever you are. 


Third Hairstyle: Dirty Blond Luxy Hari Extensions


I’m going to show you my last hairstyles when you are in a rush and how I put them in. 

So I’m going to section off the bottom part of my hair, and I like to take two of the three clip weft, and I like to stock them right above each other, so as a bit more fullness and thickness my hair. 

You can place them wherever you wish, but this is how it works best for me. 

After they’re clipped in, I take another section of hair, and I take two of the forklift weft, and again just placing them right on top of each other for added thickness. 

Since I curled my hair with my extensions the day before, I already had a slight wave in my hair, so I’m just taking my curling wand and just going over some pieces that needed to have a little life brought back into them. 

And lately, I’ve been loving curling my hair all towards my face. It’s just personal preference, but I like the way it looks. 

So once I’ve curled some pieces that needed a little bit of life brought into them, I like to shake it out so that it looks soft and effortless, and this is super easy to achieve. 


Hairstyles In A Rush


All of these hairstyles when you are in a rush take under a minute to achieve, so even if you missed your alarm to wake up, at least your hair will be looking fantastic

I hope you guys enjoyed this video, and I hope you have a beautiful day and week. Bye. 


Attn: Busy mamas, it’s a lifesaver!!

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