How to Cover Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags 2021

I wouldn’t say I like getting asked if I’m tired or if I’m sick, but it happens all the time when I don’t wear under-eye concealer. People are like, oh, you okay? You look a little ill today. And I’m fine, I have dark circles, and people think you are unhealthy when you’re not.

And today I’m going to show you guys how to cover dark circles off and fix everything so that it looks perfect and flawless all day.

I hope that you guys take from these techniques and learn something. I hope you enjoy and let’s get right into it.

I always recommend hydrating underneath the eyes; I’m using an eye cream this when Mac’s Fast Response eye cream, but you could use any moisturizer that you already use on your skin.

What does is going to do is create an excellent base for underneath your makeup and just kind of padding it in.

I find it helps the puffy under-eye circles a little bit, so it’s a step I don’t recommend skipping. I’m going to wait for that to dry and just kind of let it sit in for about a minute before we move on to actual makeup.


How to Color Eye Bags

Okay. So, eye cream is on, but a bag is still there in the dark circles for hello there’s so annoying. But I will show you how to color these eye bags nicely so that you can’t even see them.

I’m using an orange salmon base concealer, and the reason we use if I’m going to show you this right here, this is a color chart (1:11). If you don’t know what this is, of course, you know what it is. But what we have underneath our eyes is usually a blue, dark greyish kind of purplish circle.

We use a salmon concealer to cover that up if you look across the board on the color chart (1:23); the opposite of blue and purple is like that orange salmony color.

This coloring method is essential because when we are using colors to correct our skin, we want to make sure that we’re using the exact opposite, and when we do this, it’s so effortless. I can cover dark circles all so effortlessly with the right color. Whereas if I were using a flesh tone concealer, I would have to pack it on. And then, throughout the day, my dark circles start peeking through, so you use the right colors, you can use less makeup, and you can get a full-coverage flawless effect.

Sounds good, right!


Fixed the 3D Problem to Cover Dark Circle

The only thing we haven’t done yet is fixed the 3D problem. We set the dark circles; of course, the color is better now, we’re going to concealer, but I want to fix that 3D problem: the under-eye bag (2:06). You can’t exactly get rid of these, but you can create an illusion to make them look less visible.

So I’m going to show you that now.

(2:12) We’re going to use a stiffer concealer, something that is either from a pot or just something that’s not too creamy for this. To make sure that it’s light, I’m going to be using the latest shade in this palette here, and what I’m going to do is trace right along with the eye bag that I have.

I’m not going to blend this out, and I’m not going to move it all over the entire eye bag area, I’m just going to put it right where the bag is; what this does is when you turn your head down, it’s going to stop the shadow there because you have a light concealer.

So, I will be applying something over top of this, but this will conceal that shadow, a nifty trick (2:44).

So, I have those circles underneath my eyes, and I’m not going to blend them out. When I look down why you can’t see the circles, you can’t see this dark shadow, which is awesome! So this is a fantastic and easy illusion to create.

We’re going to move on to the next step, and I’m using my Mac prolong wear concealer (3:05), which is my favorite, and my beauty blender for this one. So, I’m taking my concealer, and I’m not only putting this underneath my eyes suitable where the bags are, I’m going to bring this down the cheek a little bit. And what this does because it’s a little bit later than my skin tone. It’s going to highlight the entire area and make you look fresh and awake.

I just let this dry for like 10 seconds so that it gets a little bit tacky, and then I’m going to use my beauty blender to pack this into my skin. You want to be gentle. Use padding motions whether you’re using a brush your fingers or a sponge because we don’t want to interrupt any of the work that we did underneath the eyes, which would ruin the effect entirely.

cover dark circles


Lock Your Makeup In With A Powder

You can see I’m taking my time going to be gentle, and that’s entirely on purpose; this is something that you want to take your time with and be precise because it’s going to give you excellent all-day results you take your time and you do it properly.

So you want to make sure that everything stays for the entire day. You want to lock your makeup in with a powder. (4:00) I’m using an under-eye powder; you could use a translucent one that you already like for your underneath the eye area. And pat this in as well, don’t wipe it and don’t rub. Just take your time, don’t rush to make sure that you lock everything in with the patting motion that you don’t move anything around. And that’s going to hold everything in all day.

Give this tip to cover dark circles a try, and let me know how it goes.

I hope you guys learned something today.


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