6 Best Personal Hygiene Tips From Head to Toe

personal hygiene tips


We all know that personal hygiene is one of the most important parts of self-care, but that might be a few of those body parts that you tend to miss to clean up. Our ultimate personal hygiene tips will ensure you clean every part of your body correctly. So keep reading, moms!


Personal Hygiene Tips for The Six Essential Parts of Your Body


Here is the guide for a few of those problematic clean body parts.




Over time earbuds or q-tips have become the go-to ear cleaner. But these tiny cotton swabs are pretty dangerous to put inside your ear because they’re so small that they could rupture an eardrum or even cause an infection! 

Instead, use a wet washcloth wrapped around your finger to clean the inside of your ear gently. And always remember to clean behind your ear as well.




We are sure you’re brushing your teeth properly, but did you know that the taste buds on your tongue can also absorb food and accumulate bacteria and can be a significant cause for bad breath? 

To ensure that you are cleaning it correctly, use a soft toothbrush or the tongue scraper on the back of the toothbrush to gently scrape away playfully at the surface and clean any buildup.




You want to keep your nails long, or you prefer them short; both still need treatment so that you can flaunt some nail art. The skin under your nails is a breeding ground for dirt and bacteria! 

Using a soft nail brush is the best way to clean them. You can clean your nails while you are in the shower or while washing your hands to wipe away all that gunk in an instant. 


Belly Button


When it comes to personal hygiene, the belly button is one of the most overlooked parts of the body. Have you read that research shows there can be up to thousands different of bacteria hiding out in there!

To clean it, use a Q-tip soaked in a bit of soap and water and gently wipe it over your belly button to get rid of all the dirt. Then you can go over it with a wet washcloth. 




Your vagina is one of the most personal regions in talking about personal hygiene, but it should be paid a lot of attention. 

The inside is self-cleaning, so there’s no need to get in there with soaps and washes. But make sure to wash on the outside with a mild unscented soap, especially when you have your period. 

It’s also required to wipe from the front to the back after using the toilet. So you always push bacteria away from your vagina and never towards it. 




Our feet collect so much dirt and dust from walking on the street, especially if you wear open-toe shoes; this is why it’s crucial not just to wash your feet but to focus on the skin between your toes as well. 

Because, if not cleaned properly, these areas might build up bacteria and might be the reason that your feet don’t exactly smell like a bed of roses. 

Don’t forget to dry it thoroughly afterward as well, because a little bit of excess moisture can cause infections too. 


So we hope that these personal hygiene tips have you feeling squeaky clean from head to toe. Thank you for reading!


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